What’s New?

New Version 19 coming soon…..beginning of November 2020


• Added Impressions for Reflux & Mapping Studies.
• Added Additional Indication boxes.
• Add ICD-10 codes – Mapping from ICD-9 to 10.
• Add CPT codes (for Billing Capture) & 2nd CPT code.
• Attach statistical logs to IAC applications.
• User Password updates.
• Assign User rights with limited access to program customization.
• Log off and sign in as another user without exiting program.
• Resize DatachecK to fit your PCs screen.
• Carbon Copy signature line for Referring Physicians on report.
• Type of test performed appears on reports below Examination.
• Email images attached to patient reports.
• Indicate location of aortic aneurysm.
• Editable date of correlation & added box for extra findings data.
• Reading doctor signature without PIN entry.
• Query maker with additional search options.
• Compatible with Dragon voice recognition.
• Peer-Review added to Venous Correlation Method.
• Prox ICA/Distal CCA ratio added.
• Add 2nd Technologist to report.
• Add 2nd Referring Doctor to report.
• Added Longer User Access log for Auditing up to 72 months.
• Statistical Logs containing Side, Study, Study Date, Correlation Method, Correlation Date, Study Findings, Correlation Findings and Match.
• Import Parks SonovaE patient information, findings, history notes, Pulses and Waveforms.
• Venous exams contain DVT, Reflux & Mapping reporting.
• Screening exams for carotid, ankle brachial index and aorta.
• AV fistula reporting.
• AV graft reporting.
• Venous Post-OP Exam, Mapping & Reflux.
• Editable date of correlation & added box for extra findings data.

More updates to Follow:

  • Additional Exams\Studies
  • 2nd ICD-10 coding
  • SR added for Venous, Visceral & Aorta


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