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GOTOMEETING Remote Desktop Service Update

“GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar and GoToTraining will require users on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) to update their operating systems in order to start and join sessions from their desktops. Please take the necessary steps today to upgrade your systems.”

As this is the service we employ for our online meetings and service calls please be advised of this change.

New Version 19 coming soon…..beginning of 2020


• Added Impressions for Reflux & Mapping Studies.
• Added Additional Indication boxes.
• Add ICD-10 codes – Mapping from ICD-9 to 10.
• Add CPT codes (for Billing Capture) & 2nd CPT code.
• Attach statistical logs to IAC applications.
• User Password updates.
• Assign User rights with limited access to program customization.
• Log off and sign in as another user without exiting program.
• Resize DatachecK to fit your PCs screen.
• Carbon Copy signature line for Referring Physicians on report.
• Type of test performed appears on reports below Examination.
• Email images attached to patient reports.
• Indicate location of aortic aneurysm.
• Editable date of correlation & added box for extra findings data.
• Reading doctor signature without PIN entry.
• Query maker with additional search options.
• Compatible with Dragon voice recognition.
• Peer-Review added to Venous Correlation Method.
• Prox ICA/Distal CCA ratio added.
• Add 2nd Technologist to report.
• Add 2nd Referring Doctor to report.
• Added Longer User Access log for Auditing up to 72 months.
• Statistical Logs containing Side, Study, Study Date, Correlation Method, Correlation Date, Study Findings, Correlation Findings and Match.
• Import Parks SonovaE patient information, findings, history notes, Pulses and Waveforms.
• Venous exams contain DVT, Reflux & Mapping reporting.
• Screening exams for carotid, ankle brachial index and aorta.
• AV fistula reporting.
• AV graft reporting.
• Venous Post-OP Exam, Mapping & Reflux.
• Editable date of correlation & added box for extra findings data.

More updates to Follow:

  • Additional Exams\Studies
  • 2nd ICD-10 coding
  • SR added for Venous, Visceral & Aorta


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