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While there maybe a few medical reporting systems out there, none have provided the end user with the ease of use I was looking for, whether it be the Physician or Technologist, you’ll find Datacheck to be a far superior and effective management tool, one which I use daily within my laboratory operation, from its structured reporting to its PACS system! I personally enjoy starting my day using Datacheck, with its easy report generation, which is fully customizable, or to building data and tracking exams for your next Accreditation submittal. I can say personally I have been a customer for more than a decade, and I am confident when starting my workday with this professional management system, thanks Datastar for your commitment in delivering a powerful integrative EMR and PACS system!

Craig Stevens, RVT Technical Director
Naples Florida

I am very pleased to take this opportunity to recommend Data Check.

Data Check is a very intuitive and user friendly program that has been instrumental in helping to streamline the ICAVL accreditation process for our vascular lab. I particularly like this program because it also helps in identifying Q/C issues, saves us numerous hours in tracking our correlations, packages the correlations up in a report and exports all the necessary information into the ICAVL application. Data Check helps us in tracking good studies to send to ICAVL for accreditation, by marking them for possible accreditation studies and saving us numerous hours of searching for the correct study. We use Data Check to help us identify the frequency when our providers send us patients.

Their technical support has been superior and unmatched!

Ron Bavin, BS, RVT
Mount Auburn Hospital Vascular Lab

Using the Data Check Software has made the reporting process in our lab much more efficient. Plus DataStar makes sure that the DataCheck reports have all of the IAC required elements. This helps us ensure that the ultrasound reports we are sending out comply with IAC rules and regulations. The IAC logging function has been a huge help. I know when reaccreditation time comes around again having these logs will significantly streamline the process.

Rayna Vause, RVT
Drexel Vascular Lab

I am a vascular tech of 10+ years and have worked in different types of labs with different reporting systems. Datacheck has become my new favorite vascular software reporting system. Datacheck is user friendly and technical support is friendly and knowledgeable. Record keeping for ICAVL accreditation is easy with Datacheck. This is a cost effective way to keep any vascular lab organized.

Kim A., RVT
HCA, Healthcare

I have been working with Datacheck for five years now, and I definitely recommend it as a wonderful tool. It has helped streamline my reports and in getting ready for ICAVL accreditation it was invaluable. One of the good things I like about it, is the tech support! I was not computer savvy at all when I started using it, and with the help of the excellent tech support, I was able to master the program pretty well. Even when I really struggled to understand how something’s worked, the technical staff at Datacheck were very patient about walking me through the process. They were also very helpful with our accreditation, because they stay on top of what ICAVL wants from an accredited lab, so they tailor their software program to ensure everything is covered.

Kathy Pazienza, LPN, RVT

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