Datacheck Vascular and Echo Accreditation & Patient Reporting Software

The Datacheck software enables you to build a database of patients with all the necessary Q&A criteria for the accreditation process. Generate statistical logs that can be attached to accreditation applications. Datacheck will save you hours of sifting through records to find the information you need by doing this for you.

The Datacheck software also provides you with customizable professional patient reports. The software is setup to be completely digital to create a paperless work environment. This also means you can send reports to PACs, referring doctors, other facilities, etc., to speed up reading and follow ups.

The Datacheck software can be networked throughout your facility and other sites for easy access. You will be able to access your patient records from anywhere. Whether you are using a PC, tablet or laptop, you will be able to access the records you need.

The best part about the Datacheck software is how easy it is to use. Once the software is setup for your lab, entering patients will take just minutes. This will allow you to spend your valuable time on the important things like patients.

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