How much training will I require to use DatachecK? Does someone from DataStar come to our lab and train us?

DatachecK is an extremely easy system to learn and use. New customers generally contact our customer service department for installation help, if required, and then spend a few minutes entering a few sample patients. That’s all it takes to get started. The DatachecK User’s Guide is supplied to provide in depth instruction on using DatachecK many useful features.

How do I keep my program current with changing accreditation requirements?

By purchasing a DatachecK ProTech Service Agreement you will receive upgrades to your current system automatically during the plan period.

We have a large vascular lab with several workstations for the Sonographers. Can DatachecK run on a network and be available at each workstation?

Yes. DatachecK can be networked with any number of computers. Network packages are available for 2-5 user licenses, 6-10 user licenses, and unlimited user licenses.

Is there a way for our lab’s doctors to read and complete studies without dictation and transcription?

Yes. DatachecK has an option for doctors to securely complete patient reports with remote reading, and digital signature.

Our hospital requires that all software programs interface with HL7.
Does DatachecK have an HL7 interface?

Yes. DataStar Systems, Inc. offers an HL7 interface option for DatachecK.

Our lab has a Parks Flo-Lab. Can we export patient data directly to DatachecKpro eliminating double entry?

Yes. Required accreditation patient data can be exported to DatachecK from a number of physiological modalities. Additionally, DatachecK can bring in all the Supplement-71 Structured Report information from the Parks Flo-Lab.

IT requires we receive DICOM and HL7 Conformance Statements. Are those available?

Yes. Contact us, and we will be happy to e-mail you a PDF copy of our Conformance Statements.

Our lab has 4 ultrasound machines. Can we send images and findings to DatachecK, so we do not have to enter findings twice?

Yes, with DatachecK DICOM Module you can export images to DatachecK, and import them to your patient reports. If your machines are equipped with DICOM Structured Reporting, you will also be able to import your findings directly to your patient reports.

How can I see the program, do you have to come in to demonstrate it?

We can show you the live program via web presentation. Everything the program offers can be demonstrated to you from the comfort of your own desk…you only need a PC that can connect to the Internet. CONTACT US TODAY FOR A DEMONSTRATION.

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